Language: what is its purpose?


by Tara

As someone who can speak three fluently (and learning a fourth), I always wonder why language forces such contentions and pretentions between people.  Originally, we used language to communicate, did we not?

A few months ago, I heard the phrase: “England and America: two nations separated by the same language.”  My parents, educated by the British school system, retain much of the British mannerisms, spellings, and even accents.  In the Sinclair article, I felt like he was alluding to it a little bit.  Let me qualify this by saying: I AM A HUGE DISNEY FAN.  In the Winnie the Pooh example, I was horrified to hear the changes Disney made to an already existent character.  By losing parts of the character, I almost feel like Disney robbed the original author of his or her credit.

Even when looking up videos of Winnie the Pooh, all I found were videos created by Disney.

Although really very cute videos, I wonder if this is what Sinclair believed when he wrote that globalization was not always a benefit to the countries involved.  The concept is a beautiful one, a shrinking world with millions and millions of people learning from and with each other.

What would Sinclair counteract with?


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