Defining Globalization

This week’s question has to do with “Globalization”. To start with, what exactly is “Globalization”? The thing is “Globalization” means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. For some it’s the ability to communicate with others in other countries, for others it is the fact that we have an economy that is globally linked and for more people it has to do with the ability to be culturally aware and able to interact with various cultures in different ways.

It’s funny because up until this class I really hadn’t thought about exactly what “Globalization” meant. I had always looked at it as the connection of people around the world. It made no difference to me as to how these people were connected, only that they had made that connection. Take for example, the viral video “Where in the Hell is Matt?” To me, this was a perfect example of “Globalization”. It is the ability to connect with people who did not necessarily speak your language and to learn from them. The economics, or politics do not necessarily come into play in my mind when I speak of “Globalization”.

I guess what I’m trying to get at in this particular post is that in some ways I agree with what scholars like Sparks point out in their criticism. There is not one particular theory that sums up “Globalization”, but that does not mean that it isn’t happening. The world is continuing to grow as a whole unit. We are no longer trying to impose ourselves on others around the world; instead we are trying to understand each other. So in a sense I agree with what Sinclair says. “Globalization” brings an end to cultural imperialism. We are allowing cultures to flourish and yet we are uniting as a global society. And to me that is “Globalization”.



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