Dreaming of a global future

Here’s the reality.  We are 99.9% genetically identical.  By admitting that, we are admitting we are 99.9% similar to everyone else. 

To some people (doctors, scientists, researchers), that makes sense.  Genes put us all on a level playing field, and it is such a minimal difference that hatred, and racism, are not only inconceivable–they are not part of BEING HUMAN.  But then there is the opposite reaction.  There is the malice, the unintentional consequences, the fear reflected in people’s eyes.

In today’s society, though, how can we possibly hope to globalize without finding out we are all the same?

I first heard of this man who had created a symphony of sound just by chance, by watching a TED video, in fact.  I had no idea who he was, or how he did it, before I watched the video but here’s the story:


For some, a dream like this is JUST a dream.  For him, it was a way to connect a whole world through the power of a song. 

Globalization, to me, is just that.  It’s not the Internet or connecting webpages…For goodness’ sake, my generation of classmates and peers has heard so much about internet connectivity that I’m frankly pretty sure we want nothing to do with other pages.  But in reality, what it is, is amazing, inspirational stories like that.

The fact that we can reach each other through simple requests, ideas, THAT is what globalization should really mean. 

I don’t begrudge my peers, and I don’t begrudge the next generation–the children who have iPads practically at the time of conception.  No, I envy the ways in which they will learn how to work together and work as a family of people…because, after all, if we are 99.9% similar, aren’t we just a global family?

~ Tara


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