Geek Chic

When did geeky become cool?  Lately, many television shows have capitulated on the outliers of society.  Not that that’s a bad thing.

Does that explain why a show like Big Bang Theory has received so much attention?  Or Glee?  What does it say about the audience that are interested in, and empathetic to, a story that makes us interested in the well-being of the characters?  Even people who were the ‘popular’ ones, the ones whose hair and clothes always looked effortless, are drawn to these stories.

When examining the different case studies of Ugly Betty, I was struck by the differences in how the women fit into the societies.  The girls fit into different niches, because they appeal to different societies.  In all of the societies, the Betty is still someone who stands out justenough.  She is still awkward but instead of making the audience wish for someone a little more polished- the audience eats up her awkwardness and even sees it as an integral part of her character.

Does it mean that an audience wants to focus on the fringe of society to feel better about themselves?  Or is it one more way to relate to the characters?

~ Tara


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