Entertainment outside the United States

This week’s readings and class discussion has made me very introspective about where I go for my entertainment needs.

I liked the article about Ugly Betty as a global product. I originally knew that it was developed around a Colombian show, but had no idea that so many countries adapted the Betty La Fea concept for their locales. But when we look at how long it took for a show like Ugly Betty to be adapted for an American audience, I can’t help but wonder if we’re missing out on great global television or music because of business constraints.

I think that, especially in the past year or two, the Internet has helped to bypass the filter or gateway that major media companies and domestic policies erect. We are no longer only given the shows that production companies want to provide. We are able to go on YouTube or Vimeo and watch content that is produced for a different geographic market.

In terms of music, I have recently been turning to Spotify to expand my horizons for my musical tastes. I’ve discovered a decent French artist by chance, by allowing Spotify to stream through one of its radio stations. I’ve also discovered some Russian artists that I once was into, but had long forgotten about.

But then there are some artists on Spotify that I’m not able to access. I’m not sure what Spotify’s policy is on allowing users within certain countries to access music, but similar terms of service are in place for other sites, like Hulu.

I’m sure there are issues of international copyright, and how to keep things profitable for all parties who have a stake in the entertainment product, but do you think that the Internet is making it easier to consume international content? Do you think access to material outside of your country should be allowed if you pay a fee?



One thought on “Entertainment outside the United States

  1. David,

    I like the way you reference entertainment inside the US and outside. As a person who has random taste in music, I get super frustrated when my iTunes account doesn’t always grant my musical wishes. However, I really do love that YouTube makes a concerted effort to try to get out music and entertainment across borders and languages. It makes me smile a little that success can come in many different forms…And Lady Gaga, for whatever reason, still comes out a ‘winner’ in the popularity factor.

    – Tara

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