Your personal network

After this week’s readings, I got to thinking about my own personal network, and my presence on social networks, and what that means for me professionally.

I’ve been on Facebook since 2008, and at that time, I don’t think a lot of people thought out what a social network could do for a person’s reputation and professional outlook. At that time, I viewed Facebook as a tool to stay connected to my peers and know who would be in what class with me at what time. It was designed as a platform for college students.

Now, it’s open to anyone, and the results of that can be hilarious.

And then there’s MySpace. I’m not exactly sure when I had a MySpace, but I do remember it being the predecessor for Facebook. I also remember there being a lot of controversy over ill-dressed teenagers, and people making that unfortunate “duck face,” thing. Oh, and those angled profile pictures one would take of themselves that were all the rage.


And that brings me to LinkedIn. The professional social network. I’m on LinkedIn, and the principles behind it are based in network theory. One of your friends knows another person, who knows another person, that works in a similar occupation as yours, or they work in a career field that you’d like to get into.

I do have a LinkedIn profile, but I’m not sure if I’m leveraging it in the most resourceful ways.

I recently read this entry over at the LinkedIn blog that spoke about three ways you can harness your LinkedIn profile to land a job. I’ve heard many people laud the use of LinkedIn in a job search, but maybe I’m pessimistic in thinking that it’s not a tool I would ever use.

Has anybody successfully used LinkedIn to find a job?




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