The world is re…

The world is really a tiny, tiny place. I am constantly reminded of this when I go home and realize I can’t step outside of the house for fear of running into someone. But even more than that, the professional world is small, too.

I went back to NDU today (a thought which had plagued my mind all week), and slapped on some fake smiles but mostly genuinely, genuinely laughed. For whatever reason, people respond to friendliness, and to real laughter, and I guess I provided that.

An idea that has constantly occupied a tiny part of my heart is this:

The idea of six degrees of separation. With social media, is that going to be an even smaller number? Is it good that we settled on six, which is just above five but not larger than ten (thereby making it sort of useless)? Or is it going to be even smaller soon?

Like many others, I’ve got a Twitter account which unashamedly shows everyone that I do, in fact, harbour a not-so-secret crush on this gorgeous man:
(Jon Stewart, in case you don’t belong in the IM/IC program ;)) And that I do, really, enjoy dirty jokes.

Is it too much to know we all want to hear about these people’s lives? And what happens when Us Weekly becomes USALLTOGETHERWEEKLY?

– Tara

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