Is the media only about satisfying an audience now?

As we talk about ‘The Tipping Point,’ and ‘brand ambassadors,’ I wonder it is that makes one person the trendsetter. How is that there are people who know exactly what looks good on them, what will look good on others, and what will pick up?

In the communication circles, we talk about this often. The group presentation on Thursday reminded me of those sleepovers when we were younger…You know the ones, where the ‘cool’ girls all got together and braided each other’s hair and watched rated-R movies because their parents didn’t really care. The same ones who later were the ones who sneaked in drugs/alcohol to school dances without getting caught. Those reminders of social boundaries came up a lot.

But then, how do we address that? The group showed a lot of ways that we are constantly being pushed into advertisements, often ones we can’t even discern as such, and what kind of services or goods pick up the fastest. Do we, in our advertisements, address the select few then that carry on the trend? Or do we address the great majority?

As we talk about media, how do movies usually make it big? A few weeks ago, I read the book Something Borrowed. (Yes, you can judgment fox me for it.) The ending was a clearly-written-for-movie-audiences adaptation and I shuddered as I read it. I hadn’t expected something revolutionary, but surely something slightly in line with the rest of the book. However, that movie spread, quickly when it was in theatres…And I don’t think it’s because certain people watched it or had read the book. I think it’s because the ending was already in place for a movie.

And, yes, John Krasinski was totally not cool in middle school…But now, his movies spread like wildfire.



One thought on “Is the media only about satisfying an audience now?

  1. Tara, you’ve pretty much hit on the universal question. How do things succeed? How do movies make it big? How do certain products sell better than others? I don’t necessarily know that there are answers for any of these questions. Marketing strategies are usually what makes certain things sell better than others even in the case of films.

    But, I do think that there are always some commonalities to those things that do extremely well. I feel like they always appeal to a general audience, never a specific one and they target problems/explore themes that everyone has experienced. But, beyond these very vague observations, I almost feel like success of a product or a movie is truly in the hands of the consumers. And their opinions change on a rather frequent basis.

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